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Chocolate Salon San Francisco

Few people get to experience heaven without the sudden abrupt meeting with the front bumper of a bus or something. Today, I have made the fluttery ascent to the most sacred of places and after, drifted satiated back to earth.

I flew up to San Francisco this weekend to visit with my girlfriend, Chelsea. She is a Flight Attendant for Virgin America and unfortunately was called away for a flight. As luck would have it, my friend Mario sent out a tweet about a chocolate expo! A few tweets and phone calls later and a group of us are bouncing table to table tasting the most amazing delicacies that became a three hour orgasm.

Notes: Rock salt and chocolate are not friends, chili and chocolate are, bacon and chocolate are fantastic on their own but do not combine into the ultimate synergy of taste.

So I could not resist and ended up walking out with $35 in chocolate bars. My excuse was so that Chelsea could enjoy them as well. Honestly I was just so in love with some of them!

Links: Visit Chocolate Salon or find my favorite vendors at my delicious page: