Transforming IT With Cloud Computing (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Transforming IT With Cloud Computing (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Stage 1

  • CRM to keep everyone up to the moment with customer relations
  • Change the Management Strategy

Stage 2

  • Eliminate rogue files, spreadsheets, databases, and manual processes
  • Use free training on

Stage 3

  • Extend automation with custom apps
  • Agile development is 5x as fast and 1/2 the cost
    • Build core and add/remove pieces as needed
  • Give IT tools to the business to create their own needs
  • Let IT focus on the larger scope, driving and developing core functionality

Stage 4

  • Commit 100% to platform for application development

Stage 5

  • Manage business units in the cloud
  • Ensure business processes, applications, and documents are all in cloud
  • Anything not in cloud defeats process

People Focus > Automate Processes > Leverage

On CodeBase: Always running on the same codebase, access to the latest codebase. SalesForce upgrades 3 times a year, customers decide when to upgrade their company unit.