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Inbound Marketing University Certification Program

I have been a huge fan of Hubspot since I first came across them. They have a great framework for a marketing strategy developed by a group of MIT grads, and their website check tool is my go-to tool to get an overview of a website’s health. When Hubspot announced their Inbound Marketing University I was eager to jump in and learn from the best!

If you are new to working online and would like to learn how to make your personal brand or business more prominent online, I would definitely recommend checking out the Inbound Marketing University. While it doesn’t delve too deep into any one category, it definitely gives you a good working knowledge of how each social media site and link can work to your advantage.

The most important part of a successful social media strategy, is to start! The Inbound Marketing University gives you every tool that you will need to get started. Jump in and get started!