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Zappos Tour

One of the first people I friended on twitter was Electra (Christa Foley irl), who as it turned out was the Recruiting Manager for Zappos in Las Vegas, Nevada. She definitely used twitter for business, but she was still fun and interesting to follow. I knew Zappos was pioneering a revolutionary approach to customer relationship […]

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The Whuffie Factor (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

5 Components of Whuffie
1. Turn the bullhorn around!
2. Become part of the community you serve
3. Create AMAZING customer experiences
4. Embrace the chaos
5. Find a higher purpose

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Darwinism On The Web (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Sören Stamer of CoreMedia led one of the most inspiring talks about the need to evolve business paradigms to fit the changing world. Marketing has shifted, the way people want to be engaged has shifted, and only the companies that realize this have a hope to remain competitive in the coming years.

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Transforming IT With Cloud Computing (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Without knowing it, I had already found a love of Cloud Computing. I found that bouncing my email from ISP to ISP was inefficient and difficult to manage my archived items years ago and had moved to Yahoo for my personal email and Gmail for my professional contacts. Not only was I no longer tied to my home computer but by moving to the cloud I was able to access the data even faster! SalesForce seems to have taken all of the regular office utilities and moved them to be easily shared and gave access to an entire workforce! Pretty clever.

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The Cost of Free

A short time ago I went to get my hair cut at a friend’s salon and learned the cost of “free”. Due to a bartering agreement it was a free cut. I have a regular stylist who is awesome! (see: Gea @ Sweet Salon in Ocean Beach, CA) Unfortunately, I have been super busy in […]

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