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Inbound Marketing University Certified Professional

Inbound Marketing University Certification Program I have been a huge fan of Hubspot since I first came across them. They have a great framework for a marketing strategy developed by a group of MIT grads, and their website check tool is my go-to tool to get an overview of a website’s health. When Hubspot announced […]

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ECO561 – Economics

Professor: Amir Moftakhar Required Reading: Brue, C. R., & Mcconnell, S. L. (2004). Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies, 16th Edition. New York, New York: Irwin/Mcgraw-Hill. Pugel. (2007). International economics (13th edition) (13th ed.). New York: Tata Mcgraw Hill. Ancillary Reading: Sethi, R. (2009). I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Chicago: Workman Publishing Company. Solin, […]

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LDR531 – Leadership

Professor: Doreen Gounaris Required Reading: Judge, T., & Robbins, S. P. (2008). Organizational Behavior (13th Edition) (13 ed.). Alexandria, VA: Prentice Hall. Mintzberg, H., Ghoshal, S., Quinn, J., & Lampel, J. (2003). The Strategy Process: Concepts, Context, Cases/ 4th Edition/ INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL (4TH ed.). upper saddle river: Pearson Education. Yukl, G. (2009). Leadership in Organizations […]

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LAW531 – Business Law

Even in not learning, there is something to be learned. The professor answered almost every question evasively so as not to appear to be giving legal counsel. for a moment I started to think all professors were incontinent, always answering “it depends.” Deeper down I started to realize that every question was full of contingencies and started researching my questions for myself.

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Investing in a Continuing Education

Last night I went to a teaser seminar for up in Anaheim. I brought a car full of group members from my MBA program. One of my weakest points is finance and I thought it would be a good way to at least increase my vocabulary, maybe learn a thing or two in the […]

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MGT521 – Management

MGT521 introduced concepts such as collaboration, problem solving, and ethics. As with all classes at the University of Phoenix the first class is the formation of groups. Luckily two of the campus staff, Kari Peloza and Lois Smith, were scheduled to be in the class and my entrance interview earned me a recommendation for their group. I was very happy with the way we coordinated our projects and deliverables. I look forward to Human Capital Management!

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