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OKR Accountability and Visualization Tools 

What Are OKR’s?  If you have been setting goals and pushing the limits that the world has set on you, you have probably heard of SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely. IT is a fantastic framework to help make sure the goal you set makes sense.   Recently we have seen the attention span […]

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What Everyone Is Saying About Net Metering

“What the heck is Net Metering?” – Everyone I kid, but it is pretty true. Do you remember when they swapped out your meter a couple years ago? That was Phase I of the Net Metering Project. If you didn’t get much information on it, you are not alone! You see, here in California we […]

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MindMaps vs Outlines? How to Organize Your Brain!

MindMap Software MindMaps are great tools to just mentally vomit ideas all over, then pull them together into an organization. When I first start an idea or project, I just start throwing ideas on the page. With the software, it makes it even easier to take those ideas and re-arrange into groups. While I can’t […]

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Never be Boring!

One of the biggest issues I see with our marketing team and my mentees (and honestly myself as well), is this odd voice in our minds telling us to “be professional”. As we try to attract people to our businesses or way of thinking, we are boring them to TEARS! If you aren’t upsetting someone, […]

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Launching the Unchained Supply Podcast

I am kicking off the Unchained Supply Podcast to help product businesses from Amazon Fulfillment all the way to multi-national enterprises identify how emerging technologies can help them better serve their customers, and have greater view across all of their systems. Join us weekly to dive into issues and head over to the contact page […]

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Fun With Nootropics

I know I have mentioned that I have been playing with my brain, tweaking ability for creativity, memory/retention/recall, and motivation through nootropics. Nootropics are ways to increase oxygen to the brain, or influence the way that nerves grow. With as poorly as the food available is and how much damage it does to our brain […]

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Strengths Finder 2.0 Tom Rath

Tim Rath makes the point in Strengths Finder 2.0 that excellence comes from finding what you are good at, and focusing on those points. Modern schools and society trains us to eliminate weakness, but by doing so we sacrifice greatness for the sake of mediocrity. The actual story is just a few pages. The rest of the book […]

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Out Of The Box

Do you think out of the box? This video shows the fastest sail boat on the planet right now. Do you notice anything significant about it? For starters, have you ever seen anything like it?! That hull is about as out of the box as they come. Be an Outlier I have seen the video, […]

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Inbound Marketing University Certified Professional

Inbound Marketing University Certification Program I have been a huge fan of Hubspot since I first came across them. They have a great framework for a marketing strategy developed by a group of MIT grads, and their website check tool is my go-to tool to get an overview of a website’s health. When Hubspot announced […]

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The Simple Secret to Extreme Productivity

I dare you to follow my Project Mastery Training and NOT turn into an ultra-productive badass!